About Us

We started Kastle Media in 2011 with the intent of being leaders in the mobile space and provide our clients the best and the most comprehensive mobile marketing platform in the industry.  We work by harnessing people, technology and years of experience to help advertisers reach their goals and spend efficiently.+
Our teams consists of passionate mobile experts who have experience in digital media and come from an analytical background, thus being in the trenches with data is a huge part of how we work and get results for our clients.


Mobile devices have exploded in popularity and this has brought about an inherent change in the way people communicate, shop, search or even play.  As a comprehensive global mobile media marketing business we specialize in everything mobile.  Our aim is to be the kick-ass agency that clients come to too find their targeted audience on the various digital channels and keep up to date in this fast-paced, highly fragmented landscape and to continuously deliver by innovating and thinking outside the box.

We work with all sorts of clients and most industries, it doesn’t matter if you are an app developer, music publisher, game network etc. we work with you to create a persona of your target audience and create the best strategy and media services to promote to them.